About Me :-)

Hello! I’m Sarah, a freshman in college who enjoys politics, art, writing, and intellectual debates. I created this blog as a platform to share my beliefs, thoughts, and ideas.

Two years ago when I was a freshman in high school I gained interest in the Feminist movement. As I spent time on social media websites like Tumblr and Twitter, the word feminism would constantly appear on posts on my feed. This sparked my interest, so I took it upon myself to research feminism. My beliefs have always been feminist in nature, but I never identified as a feminist. Shortly after I became familiar with the movement, I began identifying as a feminist.  A movement about empowering women and achieving gender equality was one I was particularly fond of. Now, two years later, I still stand firmly in my feminist beliefs and speak passionately about them whenever I get the chance.

Around the same time I became a feminist, my social consciousness blossomed in a few other areas. I adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and got involved in animal rights, I became aware of the different hardships and forms of oppression that exist in society and began to challenge them as much as I could in my day to day life. Being socially aware has truly shaped my beliefs and the way I view others and the world around me.


One thought on “About Me :-)

  1. I truly enjoyed reading your blog! I look forward to reading all future entries 😉 it is refreshing to see a mature, responsible, independent , intelligent and beautiful young person doing great things for her self and others! Keep it up! Stay sweet & strong!

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